• Troy Gardens and a view of the community gardens
  • Troy Gardens and the community gathering area
  • The Kids' Garden at Troy Gardens
  • Troy Gardens restored natural areas and prairie

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This 26 acre park won multiple awards and includes a mix of open spaces, program areas and affordable housing. A 1.2-mile signed interpretive trail connects 7 acres of restored natural areas, 4 acres of restored prairie, a 5-acre CSA farm, 4.5 acres of community gardens, the Kids' garden, and community gathering areas. ZDA was responsible for the Master Plan and all landscape design, detailing and specifications. ZDA also developed the highly effective 2005 Natural Areas Management Plan, which was updated in 2010.

Design charrettes, master plan, Natural Areas Management Plan, landscape and garden design: ZDA. Landscape installation: A.L. Ltd. Landscaping. Photography: ZDA, Betsy Haynes Photography, Marcia Hansen Photographic Company, ZDA. 2006 Winner of the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architect's General Design Award, Troy Gardens Master Plan.